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July 2015 Archives

Pool safety is essential for Virginians this summer

Summertime in Virginia is in full swing, and for many Virginians, that means a trip to the local pool. A dip in the pool provides a great opportunity to cool off and for children to play with friends. These experiences can create life-long memories. Unfortunately, pools can also be dangerous environments and lead to injuries, even deaths. A lack of repair or hazardous conditions at community pools can contribute to these injuries, and it is important for Virginians to know how to stay safe.

Brain injury symptoms can be hard to manage for Virginians

Seeing a person suffer a damaging blow to their skull can be terrifying. Will it have an effect on the person's well-being? Will the victim remember who he or she is? Will the victim remember you? Is the person even alive? Once it is determined that a Virginian will survive a brain injury, then the victim and his or her loved ones will face the difficult path of dealing with the potentially life-altering symptoms and repercussions.

Legal counsel aids Virginians in products liability cases

Virginia residents place a tremendous amount of trust in the products they buy. We buy cars that we believe will provide safe transportation to and from our homes, schools and places of work. We buy appliances that we place in our homes for our families to access daily. Every product that a Virginian buys and uses is expected to work properly and without defect. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, as some products may be defective and cause injury, illness or even death.

What duty is owed a Virginia customer in a slip-and-fall case?

What happens to a Virginian if she enters onto another's property and injures herself? Specifically, what should a Virginian who enters onto a store's premises as a customer and is then involved in a slip-and-fall accident expect? These types of accidents, which raise the issue of premises liability and may bring about serious injuries, are all too common due to hazardous conditions and, therefore, it is important to understand what kind of duty a property owner owes a customer.

Is it possible to prevent a brain injury?

The idea of preventing a brain injury may seem foreign to many Virginians. Isn't a blow to the head that typically happens in just a split second something that cannot be prevented? Not necessarily, according to the Brain Injury Association of America. There are ways to prevent a possible brain injury.

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