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Wet roads present elevated risk of Virginia car accidents

Rain is often welcome for its cooling effects during a hot Virginia summer, but rain can pose risks for drivers on the road. Wet roads create a greater risk for car accidents and factor in over one million accidents annually nationwide.

There are strategies that drivers in Fairfax can use to help reduce the risks of wet-road related car accidents. One tip is to avoid cruise control when it is raining. A driver's ability to control a vehicle's speed to help prevent the vehicle from losing traction is reduced if a driver is relying on cruise control and does not have his or her foot actively engaged on the accelerator.

Being mindful of your speed when faced with wet roads is essential. Hydroplaning occurs when tires become elevated on water and it poses dangerous risks for auto accidents. A reduced vehicle speed can reduce the chances of hydroplaning. Other defensive driving techniques to keep in mind while in rainy conditions include increasing the distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you, as well as avoiding sudden braking or sharp turns when possible.

In the event a vehicle does begin to skid, a driver should remember not to slam on the brakes, as well as to continue to steer where the driver wants to direct the car, which should help the driver maintain control in a potentially frightening situation.

While you may know and follow these tips and safety recommendations, it is important to remember that other drivers may not, and therefore it is essential to always be alert to surrounding traffic. If you have been injured by an unsafe or negligent driver in rainy conditions, you may wish to talk to an attorney about your options for legal recovery.

Source: AAA, "Wet Weather Driving Tips," accessed June 14, 2015

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