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Safety research ongoing to prevent future truck accidents

All Virginia drivers want the roads to be safe, but this simple desire is not sufficient to ensure that the roads are in fact safe. Fortunately, there are also agencies that help study, promote and prevent accidents. The NIOSH Center for Motor Vehicle Safety is one such agency, and their goal is to prevent motor vehicle crashes, as well as the related injuries and fatalities, that might occur at work.

How do they do this exactly? One way the NIOSH Center operates to prevent car and truck accidents is through conducting specialized research to aide future recommendations regarding prevention of collisions and serious injuries. One particular study related to the prevention of truck accidents analyzed how active safety systems work on commercial vehicles. Specifically, the study's aim was to evaluate how safety systems affect truck drivers' behavior, reactions and other risk factors as they relate to the drivers' safety. The study examined how drivers responded to lane change warnings, as well as what specific safety benefits could result from the use of the active safety systems.

One goal of the study is to help provide information as to whether these safety systems should be used in trucks. Additionally, the study may help advance the development of mirrorless trucks, which will be coming into the trucking marketplace in the near future. Mirrorless trucks do not use external mirrors, but instead use in-cabin video screens.

Developments in making the roads as safe as possible and preventing collisions are ongoing, but it does not happen overnight. Safety developments require important research like the kind the NIOSH Center is doing. There is of course still the possibility that an inattentive truck driver will cause an accident, however, and therefore it is important to remain alert and aware on the roads.

Source: CDC, "NIOSH Center for Motor Vehicle Safety," accessed June 19, 2015

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