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Recovering damages after brain injuries is sometimes possible

Last week's post on this Fairfax personal injury law blog discussed the prevalence and consequences of traumatic brain injuries on victims and their families. A TBI can derail an individual's life plans and force his family to evaluate how best to manage his potentially permanent disability. In addition to the heavy emotional burdens that a TBI can inflict upon a victim and his loved ones, the financial costs of supporting a victim's long-term care can be overwhelming.

When TBIs are caused by the negligence or recklessness of other parties, the victims of those serious traumas may have rights to pursue their damages from those who caused their harm. Personal injury claims based on torts avail themselves to individuals who suffered injuries due to other peoples' carelessness and malfeasance. Such claims also include those such as wrongful death when a TBI results in the passing of a victim.

While litigation may not seem like the path all TBI victims want to pursue, it is an important right for many to evaluate. Lawsuits based on personal injuries like TBIs can provide victims with the compensation that they need to get their lives back to where they were before their accidents occurred. For victims whose lives are forever changed by their TBIs, recovered damages from personal injury litigation can help fund needed long-term medical care for the comfort and maintenance of the injured parties.

Deciding whether to pursue a lawsuit based on a TBI can be complicated, but lawyers who work in the personal injury field can assist with the evaluation. The law firm of Surovell, Isaacs, Petersen & Levy represents individuals who have sustained TBIs as well as other serious personal injuries. Feel free to visit this page on brain injuries for more information.

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