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June 2015 Archives

Safety research ongoing to prevent future truck accidents

All Virginia drivers want the roads to be safe, but this simple desire is not sufficient to ensure that the roads are in fact safe. Fortunately, there are also agencies that help study, promote and prevent accidents. The NIOSH Center for Motor Vehicle Safety is one such agency, and their goal is to prevent motor vehicle crashes, as well as the related injuries and fatalities, that might occur at work.

Are used drop-side cribs dangerous products?

As a family prepares to welcome a new baby into their lives, hand-me-downs are often very welcome. Gently worn clothing and toys from friends and family members can present a huge cost savings for a Fairfax, Virginia family as new baby expenses mount. What about a hand-me-down crib? A crib is often one of the pricier items a baby needs, and some families may think a second-hand crib sounds like a great way to save money. Before acquiring an older crib, however, families should first ensure that the crib is not a drop-side crib, which is a potentially dangerous product.

Recovering damages after brain injuries is sometimes possible

Last week's post on this Fairfax personal injury law blog discussed the prevalence and consequences of traumatic brain injuries on victims and their families. A TBI can derail an individual's life plans and force his family to evaluate how best to manage his potentially permanent disability. In addition to the heavy emotional burdens that a TBI can inflict upon a victim and his loved ones, the financial costs of supporting a victim's long-term care can be overwhelming.

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