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Number of alcohol-related crashes tends to rise in summer

During the long, difficult winter, many Virginians are eager to enjoy the summer months. They look forward to grilling food outdoors and having parties on back patios. Alcohol will be a big part of these parties and, unfortunately, many people will drive away from these parties when they are too intoxicated to make good driving decisions.

Statistics compiled by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles show that the number of alcohol-related traffic accidents tends to rise in the summer months. The figures from 2013 show a total of 253 fatalities and 5,288 injuries in alcohol-related crashes. In June alone of that year, there were 692 alcohol-related crashes reported in the state, with 27 fatalities and 507 injuries. Numbers of alcohol-related crashes also jumped during the fall and winter holidays, but they peaked that year during the summer with 721 crashes in August.

It's important for all Virginia drivers to avoid getting behind the wheel after they have been drinking, but even the most careful driver must sometimes share the road with careless drivers.

Under Virginia law, those who have been injured through another driver's negligence can collect compensation for medical expenses and other damages through a personal injury lawsuit. Negligence is a legal term that is similar to the concept of carelessness. Essentially, a driver who breaches his or her duty of care toward others and injures someone as a result of that breach has been negligent and can be held liable for damages.

The fact that a driver was driving while drunk is very strong evidence that can be used to show negligence. Attorneys with experience in car accident-related lawsuits can help the injured or their family members to understand how the law may apply to the circumstances of their accident.

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