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May 2015 Archives

What is a traumatic brain injury?

Many people may have heard of traumatic brain injury and wondered what it is. They may also wonder what traumatic brain injuries have to do with car accidents. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) have been labeled a serious public health problem by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Can a property owner be liable for inadequate security?

Many people seem to have a basic understanding of the fact that a property owner can be held liable for damages or injuries suffered by someone else if an accident occurs on the owner's property. However, many people do not understand the full potential extent of premises liability. In reality, premises liability refers to much more than simple slip-and-fall accidents or other accidents that occur due to dangerous property conditions or poor maintenance of the property.

Number of alcohol-related crashes tends to rise in summer

During the long, difficult winter, many Virginians are eager to enjoy the summer months. They look forward to grilling food outdoors and having parties on back patios. Alcohol will be a big part of these parties and, unfortunately, many people will drive away from these parties when they are too intoxicated to make good driving decisions.

Ford recalls over half a million vehicles due to car door defect

Consumers are protected by products liability laws when harmed by a defective or dangerous product. Automaker Ford recently increased the number of vehicles it is recalling for door latch problems by an additional 156,000 vehicles, bringing the total number of vehicles recalled for the defect to 545,906. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provided the directive for Ford to add the most recent number of vehicles to the recall. The defect involves a broken pawl spring tab that prevents the car door from properly latching. Because of the defect, the car door can open while the car is in motion, while driving.

Understanding products liability for dangerous children's toys

Consumers buy a wide variety of products every day, and new products continue to be developed and manufactured. Not all products are safe, however, and many do not function as intended. Other products may have a proper design but, due to problems in the manufacturing process, end up defective and dangerous. Among the common products that cause injury to consumers each year are dangerous children's toys.

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