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Fatality results in truck crash involving two semis

Driving a vehicle is such a common and everyday activity that many people drive as if they are on autopilot. While a person can go through months or even years without being in accident, however, the reality is that motor vehicle accidents are quite common, and often deadly. Especially when the accident is a truck crash, the effects of the collision can be quite severe. In many situations, the size of a tractor trailer will result in an accident involving several different vehicles and resulting in serious injuries.

Recently in Virginia, an accident occurred that involved two tractor trailers and two passenger vehicles. Although the majority of those involved in the crash were not harmed, the driver of the pickup initially struck by the first tractor trailer was killed. After the tractor trailer first collided with the pickup, the impact went on to cause the pickup to hit both a second tractor trailer and another car. At this point, the Virginia State Police are still investigating the accident, collecting evidence and doing accident reconstruction to determine more about the causes of the accident.

Many people think that all accidents are essentially the same: someone is at fault and evidence must be collected from the scene of the accident to prove liability if a victim seeks to recover compensation. While in some respects this sentiment is true, there are some important distinctions between accidents involving only passenger vehicles and accidents involving large tractor trailers or semi trucks.

In some cases, it can be difficult to collect critical evidence after a truck accident, especially if the police officers who arrive on scene are not familiar with truck crashes, what kind of evidence may exist and how the evidence should be preserved. For this reason, people who are injured in a truck crash should consider consulting with an attorney experienced with truck crashes if they are considering filing a lawsuit because they may need to take actions to investigate the accident more fully or collect evidence that could be critical to a case. In additional, plaintiffs should carefully consider all potentially liable parties in order to have the best chance of recovery of damages.

Source: WRIC Newsroom, "Police identify victim in fatal tractor trailer accident,", April 6, 2015

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