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March 2015 Archives

Determining damages in a premises liability case

A person can sue a property owner under premises liability law when he or she is injured on the property due to the property owner's negligence in maintaining a reasonably safe environment. Many people who are injured on someone else's property initiate premises liability lawsuits because they need compensation for their injuries or losses. A plaintiff is only awarded compensation or damages if he or she is able to successfully prove that the property owner was legally liable for the injuries suffered. Once liability is proven, the determination of damages is a separate analysis.

Consumer injury from a defective product? Contact us

It is common to hear about product recalls in the news. Unfortunately, it seems like every day there is another news story about a consumer injury that resulted from the use of a defective product. Such stories are shocking despite their frequent occurrence because we do not expect to be injured or harmed by the products or medical devices or prescriptions that we use on a day to day basis. Such injuries do occur, however, and the effects can often be severe and long-lasting.

How should Virginia motorists respond to an aggressive driver?

Although some accidents are caused by factors that individual drivers cannot control - such as weather conditions or vehicle failure - the majority of car accidents are caused by the drivers themselves. Negligence is the most common form of driver action that results in car accidents; a negligent driver can easily cause injury or even death. However, recklessness and aggressive drivers are also common causes of motor vehicle crashes.

Virginia Heads Up Football programs aim to reduce brain injuries

The lasting effects of Virginia brain trauma are becoming more and more known and understood as the medical field continues to study the issue. The issue has especially been emphasized in relation to youth sports, most notably football and other high-contact sports. Because of the real and documented possibility for brain injuries, especially repeated injuries, to cause permanent disability and other significant long-term problems, many youth sports have been investigating ways to minimize the risk.

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