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Man suffers serious car accident injuries after hit-and-run

Accidents involving automobiles are common through Virginia because it is easy to get distracted while driving, make poor decisions, have obstructed vision, etc. Unfortunately, many car accident injuries are quite severe and require emergency medical care and extensive treatment, care and rehabilitation afterwards. This kind of medical treatment is not inexpensive and, when compounded with an inability to work while recovering, can cause victims of car accidents severe financial hardship. This will likely be the case for an unfortunate victim of a car accident in Arlington, Virginia.

Recently, a man was severely injured in a hit-and-run accident that occurred in the lot of an automobile dealer. The incident occurred after the owner of the car lot and another employee tried to stop a woman from leaving the lot after she had collided with another car in the lot. The two men attempted to prevent her leaving the lot by closing the gate but she ran over the employee's foot and ran completely over the owner after gunning the car two separate times in an effort to get away. The owner, who was drug by the car for several feet after being run over, suffered life-threatening injuries and will likely spend months in the hospital. The woman was later arrested by police at her home.

Regardless of whether an accident was intentional or accidental, the person responsible for causing the accident and the resulting harm should also be legally responsible for covering the costs associated with property damage and personal injury. In many cases where injuries are particularly severe and the effects may be long-lasting, the person liable for the accident may be responsible for paying not only medical expenses but also compensation related to pain and suffering.

Success in a personal injury lawsuit stemming from a car accident requires a plaintiff to prove not only that the defendant was liable for the accident but also that the plaintiff suffered harm or damages from the accident. In the case of proving liability, situations like the one described can make it easier to establish a defendant's liability because criminal charges may be filed against the responsible driver. Criminal charges can serve as powerful evidence of a person's liability. Even where no criminal charges are filed, however, a driver can still be held liable for an accident and the resulting damages if the plaintiff presents sufficient and convincing evidence.

Source: ABC7, "Woman arrested for allegedly running over 2 men at Arlington auto dealership," Jay Korff, Jan. 29, 2015

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