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December 2014 Archives

Product liability for pharmaceutical drug companies

Products liability lawsuits often occur when a consumer is injured by a defective product. One of the most common products that cause injury is drugs and medicines. It is important to understand that not all injuries resulting from use of a drug or medicine can form the basis of a products liability lawsuit, however. The Food and Drug Administration requires that all pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers adequately test drugs, according to industry standards, before releasing them onto the market for consumer use. Satisfying this obligation and legal duty is not sufficient to avoid all potential liability, however. If the drug proves to be defective, a consumer injured by the drug may win a products liability lawsuit against the drug manufacturer even if the drug complied with FDA standards.

Handling the stress after a truck accident

Many people believe that all motor vehicle collisions are essentially the same in terms of quantifying damages, identifying the cause and determining the responsible party. This is inaccurate, however. Many different kinds of collisions require different types of investigation, evidence collection, and other steps in order to fully protect the interests of those who are injured and harmed as a result of the accident. One example of a type of accident requiring special attention is a truck accident involving large semis or tractor trailers.

Can a property owner be held liable for a dog bite?

Most people understand premises liability to refer to a property owner's liability for an accident that occurs on his or her property due to a dangerous property condition. Virginia residents should also be aware, however, of the fact that a property owner or dog owner can be held liable under premises liability for damage or injury caused by a dog bite in certain situations.

Virginia Tech to be part of brain injury study

Recently, it seems as if there is always another news story highlighting the dangers of repetitive brain trauma, especially in relation to contact sports with typically high numbers of concussions. As science and medicine continues to develop, medical professionals are becoming more aware of the significant and long-term brain injury that results from repeated head trauma and are focusing on raising awareness related both to recognition of symptoms and prevention of repeated head trauma.

Texting and driving poses serious risk of car accidents

There are many different potential causes of car accidents. In Virginia, common causes include poor road conditions, weather conditions, vehicle malfunction, drunk driving and other forms of driver negligence. As technology becomes an ever-increasing presence in people's daily lives, it is also becoming a growing cause of car accidents.

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