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Truck crash involves 2 large trucks, results in fatality

Because of their especially large size and weight, tractor trailers and other large trucks pose a particular danger on the roadways in the event they are involved in a crash. For this reason, truck drivers and the companies who employ or contract with them are expected to exercise reasonable care and follow safety standards in an effort to prevent a truck crash. Even relatively easy-to-fix problems, like defective auto parts, can result in serious or fatal accidents, as recently occurred in Virginia.

Late one night on a recent evening, a dump truck became disabled and stranded on the middle of I-95, a frequently traveled highway. Although the issue was reported to Virginia State Police, who responded quickly, a collision occurred before police could arrive to assist. After a tractor-trailer crashed into the stalled dump truck, both trucks overturned. Although the driver of the dump truck only suffered non-life-threatening injuries, the driver of the tractor-trailer was killed as a result of the crash. The incident was investigated by the Virginia State Police Fairfax Division Crash Reconstruction Team and the State Police Motor Carrier Safety Team. The police charged the dump truck driver with operating a truck with defective equipment as a result of the crash. Apparently, both the power train and lights on the dump truck were defective.

Although this particular truck crash involved two trucks, many truck accidents involve a large commercial truck and a smaller passenger vehicle. The size disparity between large commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles means that the truck often causes severe damage to the vehicle and serious injuries to the people inside.

Drivers of any type of vehicle have the responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are in good working condition and not prone to cause an accident due to equipment failure. Although unforeseen accidents can and will always occur, many accidents can be prevented with proper maintenance and careful inspection prior to each trip. Because tractor-trailers and commercial trucks are on the roadways so much, the need to ensure the truck is in good working condition and generally safe is even more important. When a driver or the trucking company with which the driver is connected fails to perform this duty, a person injured in a resulting collision can sue either the driver or the company, depending on the particular circumstances, for their negligence and liability for injuries.

Source: ABC8News, "Richmond Man Killed in Prince William Co. Crash," Nov. 10, 2014

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