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November 2014 Archives

Truck crash involves 2 large trucks, results in fatality

Because of their especially large size and weight, tractor trailers and other large trucks pose a particular danger on the roadways in the event they are involved in a crash. For this reason, truck drivers and the companies who employ or contract with them are expected to exercise reasonable care and follow safety standards in an effort to prevent a truck crash. Even relatively easy-to-fix problems, like defective auto parts, can result in serious or fatal accidents, as recently occurred in Virginia.

We can help those harmed by a defective product

Suffering an injury from the use of a product that you believed to be safe and harmless is often quite shocking. While many of us look for danger and risks in our surroundings in an effort to be safe, the majority of us do not expect the risks to come from our day-to-day use of common products. Unfortunately, consumer injury due to a defective product is not uncommon. Some of the most common dangerous and defective products that cause consumer injury include prescription drugs or medical products, motor vehicles, and household appliances. However, there are many other types of products that pose dangers, as well, including baby products and toys.

What are the warning signs of brain injury?

The body of scientific research on brain injuries continues to grow. As the scientific and medical communities gain a greater understanding of the risk of long-term brain damage and serious injury that can result from repeated head injuries, there is a greater push toward educating the public on the symptoms of a brain injury.

Understanding premises liability when children are involved

The laws relating to premises liability require property owners or residents to maintain their property in safe condition in order to avoid liability if a person who enters the property is injured. In many cases, the imposition of liability depends to a large degree on the status of the person injured: whether he or she was an invitee, a licensee or a trespasser. However, when a child is involved and is the person injured on the property, the rules relating to premises liability differ a bit.

Collision between FedEx truck and school bus injures two

Large semi trucks involved in interstate commerce and the large-scale transport of goods can be found on nearly every type of roadway. They are frequent travelers on major interstates and highways, as well as on smaller neighborhood or downtown streets. Because of the sheer number of these types of vehicles and the difficulties involved with driving them, truck accidents are common occurrences.

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