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Legal remedies available to those injured by a defective product

It can come as a shock to realize that a product that you purchased and used, thinking it was safe for its marketed purpose, caused injury, harm or illness to you or a loved one. Unfortunately, harm resulting from an unsafe or defective product is all too common.

Anyone injured as the result of their use of a product should be aware of the potential legal remedies that exist to protect their rights and interests. Filing a products liability lawsuit is a way to both recover financial compensation that can address the losses and damages sustained and also to encourage companies to improve their processes by holding them accountable for their mistakes.

Not all product-related injuries will form the basis of a potentially successful products liability lawsuit. Three main categories of product defects constitute viable causes of action under the law: design defects, manufacturing defects and marketing defects.

Defects often occur when companies attempt to cut corners and save money and time at the expense of product safety. Design defects occur at the design stage of a product, when some error in the design makes it unreasonably unsafe. Manufacturing defects occur at the manufacturing stage and may involve defects that may have occurred in some, but not all, of the same type of products manufactured by the company.

Finally, you may also have a successful product liability case if you were injured from your use of the product because the company failed to give proper instructions or failed to warn you of the dangers associated with that kind of use. These are called failure to warn cases. Your use of the product must have been reasonably anticipated so that the company should have known to warn you of the dangers of that particular kind of use.

Products liability cases can be complex and time-consuming because they often involve detailed factual investigations of the defect, the manufacturing process and of the injury suffered. However, they can be very important ways to compensate the injured and hold companies accountable.

Source: To find out more, please visit our products liability page.

Source: To find out more, please visit our products liability page.

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