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Virginia man trapped between two vehicles in accident dies

Sometimes it is not always crystal-clear what led to a motor vehicle accident. Accidents involving more than two vehicles can become especially complicated. Fortunately, there are professionals available to help sort out the details and determine fault.

A recent multi-vehicle accident in Virginia seriously injured one man and killed another who was trapped between two vehicles. According to police, one vehicle was heading southbound when it stopped in a lane of traffic. The driver exited his vehicle to put an object into the vehicle's trunk. A second vehicle in the same lane then crashed into the first car, pinning the victim between the two vehicles. The man was pronounced dead at an area hospital. A second man was seriously injured in the crash. An infant and two women were also hospitalized with injuries suffered in the crash, but they appear not to be life-threatening.

When car accidents such as this occur, sorting out the details is not always easy. Accident reconstructionists are often called upon to help police in determining fault. Reconstructionists can observe the accident scene and the damages to all the vehicles involved in the crash. This can help them reach conclusions on things such as the speed of the vehicles, the condition of the roads and other factors that led up to the crash.

These reports can prove to be useful for those injured in car accidents who are seeking compensation. After all, the medical expenses associated with a severe accident can be staggering, and are made worse if the victim is unable to work due to a lengthy recovery period. And should the victim pass away due to injuries suffered in the crash, his or her survivors may face serious financial and emotional damages as well. When this happens, filing a lawsuit is one option a victim has to pursue the financial compensation he or she needs to fully recover from the incident. In addition, should the victim die, his or her survivors may be able to file a lawsuit as well.

Source:, "Man dies after being pinned between two cars in crash at Virginia Beach/Norfolk Line," Becca Mitchell, Darragh Copley, Marissa Jasek and Gabriella Deluca, June 25, 2014

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