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Truck collides with six vehicles at Fairfax gas station

Large trucks and tractor trailers are an important part of interstate commerce. Due to their role in transporting all kinds of goods and cargo across the country, they are commonly seen on Virginia's roads and highways. Unfortunately, it is all too common to hear of a truck crash. When a truck accident occurs, the amount of damage and harm that results is often quite significant because the size and weight of such vehicles creates a greater impact.

Recently, a multi-vehicle accident occurred at a Fairfax gas station when a large truck crashed into several vehicles after crossing the median on Braddock Road. Six vehicles were ultimately involved in the collision and several people were injured. Three people were taken to the hospital and two were said to have suffered very serious injuries. Fortunately, the collision did not significantly damage any of the gas pumps, which could have created a more catastrophic situation. The aftermath of the accident affected traffic flow during rush hour as the accident occurred near George Mason University.

There are many different causes of truck accidents. In some cases, drivers may be poorly or inadequately trained. In other situations, drivers may be engaging in reckless or dangerous behaviors, such as driving while fatigued, driving while intoxicated or speeding. Poor truck maintenance or an improperly secured load can also cause a devastating truck accident. Those who are injured in one of these accidents may suffer significant harm, not only physically, but also emotionally and financially. In order to recover these losses, it may be imperative to discern who, exactly, caused the accident.

Although many people are quick to assume a truck driver is liable for such an accident, there may be other or additional sources of liability. A trucking company or a truck's owner, for example, may also be liable. This allows a victim to sue several different parties for compensation. Such action can help send a powerful message that negligence or recklessness is not acceptable while also potentially providing significant financial recoveries for a victim.

Source: NBC Washington, "3 Injured as Large Truck Crashes Into Fairfax Gas Station," Jackie Bensen, July 24, 2014

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