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June 2014 Archives

Woman sues outlet store after slip and fall accident

Even though Virginia consumers probably believe that shopping is a relatively safe experience, the reality is that there are many risks in public stores and facilities. Property owners do not always take adequate care to keep the premises in good repair or warn customers of temporary risks, like wet floors. As a result of this oversight, customers sometimes suffer injuries that are the fault of the property owner. One of the most common types of these occurrence is a slip and fall accident.

Bike-share programs may increase risk of head injuries

Despite the resiliency and strength of the human body, it is also highly vulnerable and susceptible to harm in some respects. Brain injuries continue to be a focus of growing concern in Virginia, especially in the areas of youth sports and other activities prone to head injuries. As medical data improves and research builds, the public is becoming more and more aware of the lasting effects and potential damage caused by a traumatic brain injury.

Truck accident in Virginia injures 1 and closes highway

While many people, especially those who drive a great deal, are accustomed to seeing car accidents and other collisions on Virginia roadways, it doesn't make their occurrence any less traumatic or devastating for those involved. A truck crash can be one of the most devastating types of accidents because of the force of the impact. Even a relatively minor crash between a car and a tractor trailer can result in serious or life-threatening injuries, depending on exactly how the two vehicles collide.

Drugmaker settles products liability case involving Pradaxa

Some people may argue that Americans are too litigious and file frivolous lawsuits against companies simply in the hope of getting rich. However, the truth is that many liability-related lawsuits, including products liability cases, serve an important social function in Virginia and across the country. Lawsuits against companies that are negligent or reckless in the production of products or that engage in false or inaccurate advertising help ensure that the companies cannot continue such behavior without consequence. They also help protect public safety by bringing attention to dangerous products and medicines and getting them taken off the market.

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