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Premises liability lawsuit against JC Penney

Restaurants and stores provide services and products to consumers. They also have a responsibility to maintain safe premises and ensure that the store or restaurant, including some exterior areas like parking lots and sidewalks, are free from unnecessary risks and safety hazards. When a Virginia property owner fails to fulfill this duty, he or she can be held responsible for a consumer's injury in a premises liability lawsuit. Premises liability lawsuits can result from slip-and-fall accidents, collapsing or dangerous stairwells, unlit or unsafe parking lots, defective sidewalks, and other problems.

The well-known retail store JC Penney has recently been sued after a customer was injured outside of a store. The plaintiff customer alleges that a storm drain on the sidewalk outside the store was defective because it was raised up and had large gaps that caused her to catch her shoe in it and fall. She claims that the fall resulted in severe injuries to her mouth and knee and is suing for $1 million in damages.

Slip-and-fall accidents are some of the most common reasons people file lawsuits against property or business owners. Business owners need to be aware of dangerous conditions that may exist on their properties and work to remedy them. At the very least, they should advise consumers of the risk if the problem is unable to be corrected right away.

While premises liability lawsuits can be very important legal mechanisms that enable injured consumers to receive compensation for injuries suffered, they can also be complex. Plaintiffs and their attorneys must conduct an investigation of the property, the specific condition that allegedly resulted in the injury and the knowledge of the property owner related to the dangerous condition. In addition, they must properly understand and apply the legal elements to the facts in order to prove liability and win the case.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, "JCPenney named in $1M claim after customer is injured," Ben Hart, May 5, 2014

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