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Plaintiff alleges airbags were defective auto part in Jetta

Americans are known for being a consumerist society. For this reason, it seems that new products continue to be developed and flood the marketplace, all with the goal of improving or simplifying people's lives. Unfortunately, in addition to the products that make lives better, there are many products that cause injury. Virginia residents should know that there is legal recourse to hold the manufacturers of dangerous products responsible for any damages or injuries that result from use of such products.

The Volkswagen Group of America Inc., maker of the Volkswagen Jetta, has been sued as the result of an incident involving the airbags in the plaintiff's Jetta. The plaintiff asserts that she was driving on an interstate when the airbags in the driver's side door and the back of the driver's seat deployed. When she had the car examined by a dealership, the technicians asserted that the airbags did not deploy without reason since there was evidence of damage to the undercarriage of her car. The woman has sued, however, alleging that certain model years of Jetta have a history of having airbags that malfunction in this way. She asserts that the company failed to notify her of a recall to repair the airbags, failed to notify her of the defect, failed to design and manufacture the car to be free of defects and failed to notify of the risk.

A defective auto part is a common reason that people sue for product liability. Driving a vehicle is dangerous anyway, but driving a vehicle that is defectively designed or manufactured increases the risk of harm. Whether it is an automobile or another type of product, there are many different actions that can lead to a company's liability. Some cases involve defective design. Defective designs often result from an effort to produce a product as cheaply and efficiently as possible. In other cases, a manufacturing defect may be the problem.

Products liability cases often hinge on allegations of negligence. The most successful cases are often those with substantial evidence that a company knew of a risk or defect and proceeded to market and sell the product anyway or failed to warn consumers of a possible risk or hazard. Although these cases can be complex and involve detailed investigations, a successful lawsuit will provide plaintiffs with the compensation they deserve after suffering an injury from a defective product.

Source: Louisiana Record, "Jetta owner files product liability lawsuit after airbags allegedly malfunction and deploy," Kyle Barnett, April 28, 2014

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