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May 2014 Archives

Woman killed as a result of truck crash

Tractor trailers and large trucks are an important part of interstate commerce. As a result, they are frequent travelers on Virginia highways and roadways. Unfortunately, these large trucks are commonly involved in a truck crash or collision. Because of the size and weight of these vehicles, as well as the speed at which they travel, fatal or serious injuries frequently result.

Premises liability lawsuit against JC Penney

Restaurants and stores provide services and products to consumers. They also have a responsibility to maintain safe premises and ensure that the store or restaurant, including some exterior areas like parking lots and sidewalks, are free from unnecessary risks and safety hazards. When a Virginia property owner fails to fulfill this duty, he or she can be held responsible for a consumer's injury in a premises liability lawsuit. Premises liability lawsuits can result from slip-and-fall accidents, collapsing or dangerous stairwells, unlit or unsafe parking lots, defective sidewalks, and other problems.

Fatal car accident in Virginia kills 2 sisters

When Virginia residents enter their vehicles to drive from one place to another, they have no idea what they will meet on the way. They cannot predict weather conditions, the quality of the roads, whether construction is taking place, or whether other drivers will act negligently or recklessly. All of these things can, unfortunately, lead to serious car accidents, which often have profound and lasting impacts for victims and their families.

Plaintiff alleges airbags were defective auto part in Jetta

Americans are known for being a consumerist society. For this reason, it seems that that new products continue to be developed and flood the marketplace, all with the goal of improving or simplifying people's lives. Unfortunately, in addition to the products that make lives better, there are many products that cause injury. Virginia residents should know that there is legal recourse to hold the manufacturers of dangerous products responsible for any damages or injuries that result from use of such products.

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