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March 2014 Archives

Fatal motor vehicle collision involves tractor-trailer

Tractor-trailers are an integral part of interstate commerce, carrying goods across the country on a daily basis. As a result, the roadways are filled with these large vehicles, which can often pose serious hazards to other drivers. In the event of a truck accident, the property damage and personal injuries suffered by other drivers is often greater than in a collision between two smaller vehicles. In many cases, what would have been a relatively minor collision, had it happened between two standard-sized automobiles, instead becomes a fatal accident.

Fatal six-car accident in Virginia still under investigation

Because there are so many vehicles traveling Virginia's roadways, one driver's actions can easily create a domino effect of problems for other drivers. It is in this way that an auto accident that initially only involves one or two vehicles can turn into a deadly multi-car pileup. While it can be difficult to make the determination of fault in any car crash, the investigation can be even more complicated when several different cars and drivers are involved.

Products liability lawsuit alleges insufficient warning

Medical advances and innovations in pharmaceuticals have both increased average life expectancies and improved the quality of life for many people. As a result, many Virginia residents expect that the drugs and treatments prescribed by their doctors will help, and not harm, them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, however, and many products liability lawsuits involve pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers.

Fairfax County accident results in death of pedestrian

Certain kinds of injuries are commonly seen as the result of certain kinds of activities. People frequently suffer whiplash and neck pain, for example, after being involved in a car accident. When pedestrians are involved in a car accident, the risk of a traumatic brain injury is high because pedestrians often have little protection and are especially vulnerable to impact. For this reason, pedestrian accidents are often fatal or especially devastating.

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