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February 2014 Archives

Fatal truck accident outside school involves woman and dump truck

Although neighborhood and residential streets are often less trafficked than larger roads and interstates, they are nevertheless the site of frequent accidents. Many of these accidents involve children, pedestrians or people getting into and out of their cars. The presence of moving trucks, garbage trucks and other large vehicles on these smaller roads can also increase the likelihood of a truck accident because space and visibility may be limited.

Two deaths result from truck accident in Virginia

Traffic accidents are often common in populated metropolitan areas due to the number of vehicles on the road and the size of the interstates or roadways. Because tractor-trailer trucks frequently travel along the interstate, truck accidents sometimes happen. Unfortunately, when a large truck is involved in an accident, it often increases the likelihood of serious injury or death due to the size differential between the truck and the other vehicle or vehicles involved.

Settlement in products liability case involving contraceptive

Because of the extensive testing and safety regulations that exist in the United States, many Virginia consumers believe that they are able to trust that the products that they buy are safe for the prescribed and intended use. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. News sources frequently report on products liability cases that result from consumer injuries or consumer deaths related to an unsafe product or insufficient warning.

Two cars and several elderly people involved in Virginia crash

Statistics commonly state that teenagers and young adults are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents than other drivers, probably due to their inexperience and tendency to be distracted. Another common statistic involves elderly drivers, who are also more likely to be the cause of an accident due to slower reaction times, vision impairment, physical limitations and other factors. Regardless of whether car accidents are caused by inexperience, advanced age, or other reasons, the driver responsible for the crash can be held legally responsible when someone suffers physical injury or property damage as the result of a crash.

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