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Virginia woman involved in two car accidents in a single night

Being stranded on a roadway can be very dangerous for Virginia residents because drivers are not accustomed to looking for pedestrians and may fail to see them before it is too late. Drivers have a responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and drive in a safe manner, however, regardless of whatever unexpected thing may be on or near a roadway. When people suffer car accident injuries as the result of being hit by a vehicle, the driver of that vehicle can be held liable for the injuries and damage suffered.

In Virginia, one man is responsible for injuring five people by hitting them with his car. According to police reports, an accident had occurred on a Tuesday that left a woman in need of assistance. Four people came to her aid. Unfortunately, a man driving a car subsequently came and hit all five of the people in a second accident. Everyone was taken to the hospital but the injuries were deemed non-life-threatening. The male driver who caused the accident was 71 years old and was later charged with driving under the influence.

In a car accident involving pedestrians and vehicles, the drivers of the automobiles are often held liable. However, drivers often attempt to argue that the pedestrian caused the accident by ignoring traffic signals or rules or otherwise acting negligently or recklessly. Pedestrians injured in a car accident have the ability to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver that hit them. They should not assume, however, that their case will be easy because many factors can influence the likelihood of success.

One of the most important things in a personal injury lawsuit is the initial accident investigation. By collecting evidence at the scene of the accident and accessing police reports, an attorney can collect critical information to show that the driver of the vehicle, and not the pedestrian, was at fault for the accident. When a driver is arrested for or charged with DUI, as the man in the above story, a pedestrian plaintiff can use that fact as powerful evidence against the driver.

Source:, "Colonial Beach woman killed in head-on crash," Portsia Smith, Jan. 8, 2014

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