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January 2014 Archives

Water puddle leads to premises liability lawsuit for supermarket

Virginia residents have to frequent a great number of public places, businesses, and establishments every day. They trust that these places are safe and well-maintained and that they will not be in danger simply by setting foot in the door. Unfortunately, property owners do not always take the care they should to ensure guest and customer safety. One of the most common problems is a slip and fall accident, which can often cause severe and painful injuries.

Virginia woman involved in two car accidents in a single night

Being stranded on a roadway can be very dangerous for Virginia residents because drivers are not accustomed to looking for pedestrians and may fail to see them before it is too late. Drivers have a responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and drive in a safe manner, however, regardless of whatever unexpected thing may be on or near a roadway. When people suffer car accident injuries as the result of being hit by a vehicle, the driver of that vehicle can be held liable for the injuries and damage suffered.

Products liability case involves dispute over legal standard

When Virginia residents use products in their workplace and at home, they believe the products are safe or else they wouldn't be on the market. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some products are only discovered to be unsafe or illness-causing after several years of use when the problems start showing up. Other products may normally be safe but may have a defect that causes the risk of illness or injury. Filing a lawsuit related to products that cause injury can be a way for injured plaintiffs to get compensation for the harm they suffered, but these cases are often quite complex.

Driver fleeing police causes fatal car accident in Virginia

After an accident, police commonly make determinations of fault and decide whose actions were the primary cause of the accident. Being named the at-fault driver, however, does not always mean that the driver intentionally acted negligently or consciously acted in an unsafe way. In many situations, an accident is simply the result of an unfortunate convergence of circumstance. Other car crashes are different, though, and are directly the result of a driver's reckless and dangerous actions. When police issue citations or make an arrest in these cases, those facts can be relevant and useful in a personal injury lawsuit and often warrant compensation beyond what insurance companies are willing to provide.

Lawsuit alleges football team hid risks of brain injury

With advances in medical science, people in Virginia and across the nation are now coming to understand much more about certain injuries that may seem relatively minor at the time but that can have dramatic lasting consequences and even create permanent disability. This has been the case with concussions, which have been the subject of frequent debate lately with regard to football. When a brain injury occurs, the symptoms can be quite severe and the effects can render someone disabled in many respects. For this reason, some Virginia residents suffering a brain injury as the result of an act by someone else or medical malpractice may choose to file a lawsuit to cover some of the expenses associated with the injury.

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