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Virginia Supreme Court: DUI arrests may be expunged in some cases

Being arrested for driving under the influence in Virginia can result in very serious consequences, especially for drivers convicted of a DUI. Drivers charged with a DUI often worry about the impact it will have on their future, including employment opportunities or being able to get a professional license.

DUI convictions can impact the rest of your life, but a recent Virginia Supreme Court decision could help individuals facing DUI charges that are able to plead to lesser charges. The Virginia Supreme Court recently allowed a DUI defendant to plead to the lesser charge of reckless driving. This reduced charge allowed the defendant to have his or her DUI arrest expunged from her criminal record.

In Virginia, defendants who are found not guilty or have charges dropped can petition to have their arrest expunged from their record. This means that their arrest will not show up on their criminal record, thus not impact any future employment or educational opportunities. Now, individuals who plead guilty to lesser charges may also be able to have their arrest expunged.

The recent Virginia Supreme Court ruling could impact future DUI cases. Defendants who plead to a lesser charge or reckless driving may be able to petition to the court to have their DUI arrest expunged. Defendants will have to show that a DUI charge on their criminal record will cause you injustice.

Our article on DUI expungement discusses the advantages of getting an arrest expunged and the importance of having a defense strategy after being arrested or charged with DUI.

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