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Drunk driving accident claims life of college student

A car accident in Fairfax City can have extended consequences for those injured or killed and their families. Car accidents can occur at any time without warning. In some instances, they happen as a matter of circumstance. In others, they are due to the decision on the part of a drunk driver to get behind the wheel after drinking.

A Virginia college student was killed when the 21-year-old driver of an SUV crashed into a tree stump and the vehicle flipped over. The SUV was transporting ten college students in the early morning hours. The vehicle had run off the road, leading to the crash. One other passenger was hospitalized in the accident and the driver was charged with being a drunk driver.

When there is a drunk driving accident or car accident of any kind, those who were injured and the families of loved ones killed are faced with many issues. If there are severe injuries, there could be hefty medical expenses to contend with as well as the prospect of a dramatically altered life for the injured party. In the worst case scenario, a person might be killed. In the aftermath of a drunk driving accident, the insurance company will contact the victims and try to negotiate a quick settlement to end the case. While they may sound caring, the insurer is mainly concerned with keeping costs down and resolving the case as rapidly as possible. The amount they offer might sound reasonable, but when accounting for factors such as mounting medical expenses, it is unlikely to be enough to cover the costs.

In this case, the driver is now facing charges for the drunk driving accident. One person is dead and another was injured. The families of those who were affected by this car accident would be wise to contact an attorney to discuss their circumstances before moving forward and accepting an insurance company offer.

Source:, "Driver charged with DUI in deadly crash that killed W&L student," Shawn Maclauchlan, Dec. 4, 2013

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