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December 2013 Archives

Virginia truck crash injures two people

In many situations, an accident is the fault of only a single person. This could be due to loss of control, weather conditions, negligence, or other factors. In those cases, no one except for the driver of the vehicle that caused the crash can be blamed. When semi-trucks or other large trucks are involved in an accident, however, liability may extend beyond the driver to the trucking company and other third parties. This can be important when attempting to recover compensation because a truck crash is often more severe, causing more damage and injury, than other types of crashes.

Virginia Supreme Court: DUI arrests may be expunged in some cases

Being arrested for driving under the influence in Virginia can result in very serious consequences, especially for drivers convicted of a DUI. Drivers charged with a DUI often worry about the impact it will have on their future, including employment opportunities or being able to get a professional license.

Heating pad causes fire, prompts products liability lawsuit

Virginia residents are likely aware that the potential for injury exists all around them. Whether it be a traffic accident, a slip and fall, some intentional harmful action by another, or something else altogether, the number of things that can injure or harm is quite large. In addition to the risks described above, there are also many products that cause injury. While some products are more inherently dangerous than others, many very ordinary products can cause harm, as well.

Drunk driving accident claims life of college student

A car accident in Fairfax City can have extended consequences for those injured or killed and their families. Car accidents can occur at any time without warning. In some instances, they happen as a matter of circumstance. In others, they are due to the decision on the part of a drunk driver to get behind the wheel after drinking.

Head-on collision in Virginia claims life of one, injures two

In Virginia, a car accident is a danger that people face whenever they venture out in their automobile. Car accidents occur when they are least expected for a variety of reasons. They can cause serious injury leading to vast medical costs and pain and suffering. They can even result in death.

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