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Things to keep in mind if one is injured at a Virginia store

With the holidays looming shopping becomes a pastime that many in Fairfax City, Virginia will participate in. Over the course of the next few weeks shoppers will likely be more focused on getting a good deal on their purchases than worrying about suffering an injury at a store. The reality however is that shoppers are hurt in stores all too often. For instance, they may slip-and-fall or be injured when an object falls on them.

After such an incident occurs, many are likely unsure what to do. In situations where a patron is seriously or permanently injured, that individual may decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against the store where the incident occurred. In this post we examine that issue.

Many things should be done as soon after the injury as possible. These include obtaining a medical diagnosis of one’s injury and a copy of the store’s surveillance camera. Both of these could go a long way towards proving harm and the reason for it. At this point it is also important to find those who witnessed the incident and can corroborate the story of the injured individual.

Timing is important in civil personal injury cases as well, since there is a time limit established by Virginia law that determines how long someone has to file such a lawsuit. To be viable, the personal injury lawsuit must be filed before that time period has run.

It is also important to think about how the store will respond. What will it assert as defenses? Be prepared to address them. Similarly, be prepared for the store to try to move the case to a federal court. If successful, it is possible that there will be a reduced chance of a plaintiff succeeding on his or her claims. Of course not all cases make it to trial. In some instances the best result is obtained via a settlement. Because of this it is a good idea to consider the finances one will need to cover medical issues connected to the injury, going forward.

Each day countless individuals in Fairfax City, Virginia, engage in the activity of shopping. Whether it serves as a therapy or a chore, if someone is hurt while doing so, a premises liability lawsuit may be appropriate.

Source: Blogs,, "7 Tips When Suing a Retail Store for Injuries," Aditi Mukherji, Nov. 14, 2013

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