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High school football player dies after suffering brain injury

Each fall football fans throughout the state of Virginia prepare to cheer on their favorite, professional, college and even high school football team. As they prepare for this, most are probably more concerned with how they can best show their favorite team support. Accordingly, few are likely thinking about the dangers associated with playing the game. Despite this football players of all ages, at all levels, suffer a variety of injuries. While the most minor injuries result in discomfort that keeps a player out of the game for only a few minutes, in other situations, the injury may be serious enough that the player is unable to ever play again. In the worst cases, death occurs.

Sadly, the family of a high school player in another state is dealing with this now. The senior, who played wide receiver, injured his head in a tackle. Though he continued to play, he collapsed a few minutes later. After arriving at the hospital it was determined that he suffered a traumatic brain injury in that tackle. He was sadly unable to handle the injury and died two days later.

The specifics surrounding why the teen was allowed to stay in the game after taking a hard hit are not known.

Even when brain injuries are not fatal, they can be devastating to the individual who suffers from it as well as his or her loved ones. The medical treatment necessary to address the condition can lead to extensive medical bills. Accordingly, depending on the circumstances surrounding the TBI, it is possible that the injured individual or his or her loved ones will file a personal injury lawsuit against the party responsible for the incident that caused the brain injury.

Source: CBS NEWS, “Ariz. high school football player dies after head injury,” Nov. 13, 2013

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