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Brake issue prompts recall of Honda minivan

Minivans are a popular vehicle choice for those who live throughout the state of Virginia. This is particularly true where families are concerned. The ease with which parents can load and unload their children is a selling point for many. The Odyssey, made by Honda is one of the most popular currently on the roads. While this is true, some owners of the vehicle should be aware of a serious defect that has prompted a recall.

The issue has to do with a brake sensor. Because of issues with brake calibration it is possible that vehicles will brake unexpectedly, even without a driver touching the brake pedal. The issue came to light this past summer when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration commenced an investigation into the issue. At that point they learned of 22 occasions when the problem arose. A total of 344,000 of the vehicles have been recalled. Those included are from the model years 2007 and 2008.

While it is easy to see how sudden braking of a vehicle could lead to a car accident occurring, thus far, there have not been any reports of such incidents occurring. If an accident did occur in which someone was injured, it is possible that the person who was hurt could decide to file a products liability case against the car maker. Though these cases are generally quite complex, when successful, they result in damages to the person who files the case.

Owners of the Honda Odysseys involved in the recall should be aware that the issue will be fixed by retailers early next year. Until then, the vehicles are still useable. Honda indicates that the sensor will automatically reset if the vehicle is started with the wheels facing straight ahead. In addition, should the vehicle begin to brake on its own, a light tap to the brake pedal will make it stop.

Source: CNN Money, “Honda recalls minivans over brake issue,” Gregory Wallace, Nov. 3, 2013

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