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November 2013 Archives

Car accident claims life of Virginia pedestrian

In Virginia, serious injury can occur when drivers don't follow the rules of the road. Car accidents can lead to severe injuries and even death for other drivers and pedestrians. When there is a car accident, there are issues that crop up such as medical expenses, hospital bills, liability and compensation. In the worst-case scenario, there are even fatalities.

Things to keep in mind if one is injured at a Virginia store

With the holidays looming shopping becomes a pastime that many in Fairfax City, Virginia will participate in. Over the course of the next few weeks shoppers will likely be more focused on getting a good deal on their purchases than worrying about suffering an injury at a store. The reality however is that shoppers are hurt in stores all too often. For instance, they may slip-and-fall or be injured when an object falls on them.

High school football player dies after suffering brain injury

Each fall football fans throughout the state of Virginia prepare to cheer on their favorite, professional, college and even high school football team. As they prepare for this, most are probably more concerned with how they can best show their favorite team support. Accordingly, few are likely thinking about the dangers associated with playing the game. Despite this football players of all ages, at all levels, suffer a variety of injuries. While the most minor injuries result in discomfort that keeps a player out of the game for only a few minutes, in other situations, the injury may be serious enough that the player is unable to ever play again. In the worst cases, death occurs.

Brake issue prompts recall of Honda minivan

Minivans are a popular vehicle choice for those who live throughout the state of Virginia. This is particularly true where families are concerned. The ease with which parents can load and unload their children is a selling point for many. The Odyssey, made by Honda is one of the most popular currently on the roads. While this is true, some owners of the vehicle should be aware of a serious defect that has prompted a recall.

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