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Virginia crash prompts birth of baby who doesn't survive

It is fair to say that no one who resides in Fairfax County wants to be involved in a car accident. In addition to causing property damage, in some cases they also inflict injuries. In the worst cases those injuries are so severe that they result in death. People of all ages may be killed in fatal car accidents including babies. Sadly this occurred late last month in Fairfax County.

The crash occurred in the early hours of the morning when a car driving in the wrong lane crashed into a car travelling in the correct direction in the lane. The outcome of the crash was devastating. The 44-year-old man behind the wheel of the wrong-way car died at the scene. In addition, a pregnant woman who was a passenger in the other car delivered her baby. Sadly the baby did not survive. The other occupants of that vehicle suffered injuries that were not too serious.

Prior to causing the head-on crash, several other vehicles managed to move out of his vehicle’s path. It is unclear why the driver of the vehicle that was in the wrong lane was operating his car in that lane. The investigation that is being conducted into the incident will likely help with that determination. As a part of that investigation the collision is being reconstructed.

Whether civil lawsuits in the matter will be forthcoming is to be seen. For some, following this course of action provides the closure they need to move forward with the lives.

Source: WJLA, “Abraham Aragon of Manassas dies, baby dies in Fairfax car crash” Sept. 29, 2013

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