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Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries

It is fair to say that no one who resides in the Fairfax, Virginia area wants to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, particularly one involving a truck. Despite this, these types of accidents occur all too frequently on roads throughout the state of Virginia. While the severity of each of these crashes varies, because a truck is involved, there is a greater risk that the outcome will be devastating.

The reason behind this is simple physics. In most cases tractor-trailers are much larger and heavier than the other vehicles on the road. When they collide with a car, the smaller of the two vehicles is not able to absorb the force of the impact as well as the larger one. This similarly affects the occupants of the smaller vehicle as well, as car does not provide the same level of protection to those riding in it as a truck does.

There are many reasons that truck accidents occur. Some, such as cargo that is too heavy or improperly loaded and maintenance that is insufficient, have to do with the vehicle itself. Others have to do with the actions of the truck driver. These include speeding, drunk driving, driving too many miles before sleeping and inattentive driving. In addition, in general a truck is much more difficult to control on a road than other smaller and lighter vehicles.

Individuals who have been injured in a wreck involving a truck should be aware that they may have legal options. For more information on what steps may be taken please see our truck accidents page.

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