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October 2013 Archives

Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries

It is fair to say that no one who resides in the Fairfax, Virginia area wants to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, particularly one involving a truck. Despite this, these types of accidents occur all too frequently on roads throughout the state of Virginia. While the severity of each of these crashes varies, because a truck is involved, there is a greater risk that the outcome will be devastating.

Parental participation focus of National Teen Driver Safety Week

The habits of teen drivers concern individuals throughout the nation including those who reside in Fairfax City, Virginia. These concerns are well founded as the teenaged years are some of the most dangerous to be a driver. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 75 percent of the crashes teens are involved in that are deemed serious are due to what is called critical driver error. These errors include failing to detect an oncoming hazard, distracted driving and driving too fast for the given situation.  Recognizing this is an issue, communities throughout the nation take steps to improve the way in which teens drive. For instance, this week is National Teen Driver Safety Week.

Virginia crash prompts birth of baby who doesn't survive

It is fair to say that no one who resides in Fairfax County wants to be involved in a car accident. In addition to causing property damage, in some cases they also inflict injuries. In the worst cases those injuries are so severe that they result in death. People of all ages may be killed in fatal car accidents including babies. Sadly this occurred late last month in Fairfax County.

Minor traumatic brain injuries can cause major problems

As of late, brain injuries have been getting a lot of attention in the press. This is in large part due to the lawsuit many former professional athletes filed against the National Football League, alleging the it was aware of the dangers associated with these type of injuries but did not communicate this information to the players. While traumatic brain injuries and concussions are often discussed, little is heard about minor traumatic brain injuries. Despite the term “minor” being a part of the diagnosis, the result of suffering such an injury may be anything but minor. 

Sunscreen for children recalled after bacteria and fungi found

Most parents in the state of Virginia would do anything they could to keep their children safe from harm. This means that once they are old enough, many mothers and fathers take turns slathering sunscreen on their children’s delicate skin to prevent sunburn. Usually those actions go a long way toward protecting their children. Unfortunately, a sunscreen that may have been purchased by consumers in the state has been identified as possibly being dangerous to use. Accordingly, a recall of the product was recently announced.

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