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Train hits pick-up at Virginia railroad crossing

Motor vehicle accidents occur on roads throughout Fairfax City, Virginia, each day. The severity of these varies from crash-to-crash. So too do the injuries suffered in each incident. While in the best cases, there are minor, if any injuries, other times, they can be severe. In the worst cases they lead to death. Sometimes these incidents involved multiple cars and other times a car and another type of machine used in transportation. This was the case in a Virginia community earlier this month.

This crash involved a car and a train. The vehicle, a pick-up was stopped on the train tracks when the train came through. The women in the pick-up, a mother and daughter, said when they began the crossing no trains were in sight and the train signal was not on. As they made their way across them, the crossing arm came down. This made it impossible for them to move their vehicle any further. When they saw the train coming they got out of the pick-up.

As a result of the women exiting the vehicle, they were not hurt. It does not appear that anyone on the train was either. This is a good result as the crash could have been much worse.

The incident is under investigation. Presumably one of the first things that will be looked into is whether the train crossing signal was in fact not working as the women assert. That determination could have a bearing on whether criminal charges will be pressed. Because no one was hurt, personal injury lawsuits will likely not be forthcoming.

Source: WWBT, “Truck hit by train at Robious and Huguenot,” Brent Solomon, Sept. 12, 2013

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