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Several models of automobiles recalled by Toyota

Cars are relied upon by many individuals throughout Fairfax City, Virginia to get from one place to another. When individuals purchase those motor vehicles there is an expectation that they will be safe and run as intended. Despite this, at times there are problems with the way in which they work. These issues could inflict harm upon those using the vehicles. Problems with products could prompt product recalls. Recently Toyota recalled two of the hybrid vehicles it manufactures. It also recalled a standard vehicle.

Certain Lexus models were recalled due to issues with the variable time control device. It is possible that bolts that keep it in place could come lose. This in turn, could make it so the cars do not go. Owners of the affected models may we warned of the issue should a noise that sounds out of the ordinary be heard after turning the car on.

The hybrids included in the recall are both various models of Lexus as well as Highlanders. In both of these cases an overheating of transistors is to blame. This in turn could make the car operate only at very slow speeds.

In certain situations, the slowing of the vehicles could cause the car to stop or slow dramatically in places in which stopping is not a good idea. Should this happen it is possible that a car accident could occur, injuring, or even killing the individuals involved.

When an injury does occur as a result of a product defect, products liability lawsuits are sometimes filed. These lawsuits may result in g compensation to those hurt while using the product.

Source: USA Today, “Toyota recalls hybrids for heat, Lexus cars for engines,” James R. Healey, Sept. 4, 2013

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