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Labor Day weekend crashes leave 9 dead in Virginia

While motor vehicle accidents occur throughout the nation every day of the year, certain holidays commonly see a rise in the number of such incidents. Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, is one of those holidays. According to preliminary numbers, a total of nine people were killed in crashes in the state of Virginia this year. This is three more than occurred in the course of last year’s Labor Day holiday weekend. The weekend covers a four day period surrounding the holiday.

The deaths are the result of nine different car accidents that occurred in areas throughout the state. None of the incidents occurred in the Fairfax City area. The individuals killed were a wide range of ages, as old as 82 and as young as 20. All told, over the holiday weekend Virginia police responded to 636 reports of crashes.

According to law enforcement in the state there are a variety of things that drivers can do throughout the year to try to prevent a fatal accident from occurring. These include:

  • Driving the speed limit
  • Wearing a seat belt
  • Paying attention to the road and not other distractions

In addition, not driving while drunk goes a long way towards keeping roads safe.

While there was an increase in the number of traffic fatalities over the Labor Day weekend this year, overall, compared to last year, the number the state is seeing is actually down. This is good news for all in the state. When a serious car accident does occur, it is possible that legal action regarding the matter may be taken. Depending on the circumstances it is possible that a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit could be filed.

Source: Fairfax News, “Nine die in Labor Day crashes in Virginia, none in NoVa,” Sept. 4, 2013

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