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September 2013 Archives

Chemicals used in pool maintenance sicken hotel guests

When residents of Fairfax City plan a relaxing vacation there is a good chance that the establishment where they choose to stay will have a swimming pool. For many, the terms pool and vacation go hand-in-hand. When booking a reservation at one of these establishments it is likely that the visitor will assume that the pool is safe for use, even if a lifeguard is not onsite. This unfortunately could be an incorrect assumption.

Train hits pick-up at Virginia railroad crossing

Motor vehicle accidents occur on roads throughout Fairfax City, Virginia, each day. The severity of these varies from crash-to-crash. So too do the injuries suffered in each incident. While in the best cases, there are minor, if any injuries, other times, they can be severe. In the worst cases they lead to death. Sometimes these incidents involved multiple cars and other times a car and another type of machine used in transportation. This was the case in a Virginia community earlier this month.

Labor Day weekend crashes leave 9 dead in Virginia

While motor vehicle accidents occur throughout the nation every day of the year, certain holidays commonly see a rise in the number of such incidents. Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, is one of those holidays. According to preliminary numbers, a total of nine people were killed in crashes in the state of Virginia this year. This is three more than occurred in the course of last year’s Labor Day holiday weekend. The weekend covers a four day period surrounding the holiday.

Several models of automobiles recalled by Toyota

Cars are relied upon by many individuals throughout Fairfax City, Virginia to get from one place to another. When individuals purchase those motor vehicles there is an expectation that they will be safe and run as intended. Despite this, at times there are problems with the way in which they work. These issues could inflict harm upon those using the vehicles. Problems with products could prompt product recalls. Recently Toyota recalled two of the hybrid vehicles it manufactures. It also recalled a standard vehicle.

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