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Virginia Commonwealth University to oversee brain injury study

Each day individuals throughout the state of Virginia suffer brain injuries. These injuries affect people of all ages and backgrounds and are caused by many different things. Whatever the catalyst for the brain injury, the outcome can be devastating. This is true even when the person who suffered the injury appears to be physically okay.

One group of individuals who face brain injuries all too often are military personnel. As a result, veterans and active members are a good group to study. Recently, it was announced Virginia Commonwealth University received a federal grant of $62 million to conduct such a study. It will oversee participating clinics, hospitals and universities located throughout the nation. The study, which will span a total of five years, will focus on concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries. Veterans as well as current service members will be included.

The study will seek to determine factors that contribute to someone experiencing more difficulties after the fact. These brain injuries could be due to a variety of situations including:

  • Combat
  • Falls
  • Sports accidents
  • Car crashes

The ultimate goal is to develop better treatment for these brain injuries. While the information gathered in this study will undoubtedly aid those who are in the military or veterans, it will likely be beneficial to the treatment of civilians as well.

When a concussion or TBI suffered by someone in a nonmilitary setting is the result of negligence of another person or entity, a personal injury lawsuit may be appropriate. To determine if this is a good course of action, the first step is to consult a lawyer who handles such cases.

Source: WTKR, “VCU awarded $62 million to study traumatic brain injuries in military personnel,” Becca Mitchell, Aug. 12, 2013

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