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Car accident in Virginia claims 2 lives

While we all of course die at some point, most people assume that the end will come quietly after a long and full life. As a fatal car accident that occurred one morning earlier this month in Virginia illustrates, this is not always how it happens. Both men involved in the crash, a23-year-old and a 56-year-old, died at the accident scene.

Law enforcement officers who responded to the scene and conducted and investigation said the vehicle driving north crossed the centerline, hitting the pickup truck in the other lane, which was heading straight for it. The force of the collision caused the pickup to be pushed onto its side.

At this point it is unclear why the car crossed the centerline. There are many potential reasons this could have occurred. It is possible that the car the man was driving may not have responded to his actions. It is also possible that the driver became distracted or suffered a medical emergency. Another thing that could have caused the crash is if the driver of the vehicle fell asleep. If the driver of the car had been up all night, it is easy to see how that may have been the cause.

No one is prepared to learn that a loved one has been unexpected killed in a car accident. In addition to posing an emotional hardship on those left behind, when the person who died also contributes a large amount to the household income, the hardship can be financial as well. In these situations, wrongful death lawsuits are sometimes filed by those left behind.

Source: NBC 29, “UPDATE: 2 Dead After Morning Accident in Augusta,” Aug. 19, 2013

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