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4 vehicle crash in Burke injures 10

With so many cars on Fairfax County roads, it is inevitable that at some point car accidents will occur. While in the best situation a collision will result in property damage and nothing more, other times individuals involved in a crash will be hurt. The latter situation appears to have happened earlier this month in Burke, Virginia.

Multiple vehicles were involved in the automobile accident that an eyewitness said resulted in the closure of Burke Centre Parkway. At least 10 people occupying the vehicles that crashed were hurt in the incident. Though their injuries were reported as non-life threatening, emergency responders were nonetheless called to attend to them. Specifics regarding the injuries incurred are not available.

While there is always the chance that a car accident will result in injuries, when multiple vehicles are involved this is even more likely. Depending on the severity of the injuries it is not uncommon for civil personal injury lawsuits to be filed against those whose negligence was to blame for the incident. These lawsuits can be complicated, particularly when multiple vehicles are involved, and it is difficult to determine who is responsible for what.

At this point the cause of this crash is unknown, though an investigation into the matter will likely shed light on the matter. It is also unclear whether any of these lawsuits will be forthcoming as a result of this accident. To attain the best result most people who find themselves in this situation decide to work with a lawyer who regularly handles these types of cases.

Source: Burke Patch, “Multiple Car Crash on Burke Centre Parkway Injures 10,” Sherell Williams, Aug. 11, 2013

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