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August 2013 Archives

Concussion lawsuit against NFL settles for $675M

There are many ways in which someone could suffer a brain injury such as a concussion. While car accidents and other accidents could lead to this injury occurring, hits to the head while playing football are a potential cause as well. Many football fans residing in Fairfax City, Virginia are likely aware of the lawsuit filed against the National Football League by thousands former players, as well as their families regarding this matter. 

Car accident in Virginia claims 2 lives

While we all of course die at some point, most people assume that the end will come quietly after a long and full life. As a fatal car accident that occurred one morning earlier this month in Virginia illustrates, this is not always how it happens. Both men involved in the crash, a23-year-old and a 56-year-old, died at the accident scene.

4 vehicle crash in Burke injures 10

With so many cars on Fairfax County roads, it is inevitable that at some point car accidents will occur. While in the best situation a collision will result in property damage and nothing more, other times individuals involved in a crash will be hurt. The latter situation appears to have happened earlier this month in Burke, Virginia.

Virginia Commonwealth University to oversee brain injury study

Each day individuals throughout the state of Virginia suffer brain injuries. These injuries affect people of all ages and backgrounds and are caused by many different things. Whatever the catalyst for the brain injury, the outcome can be devastating. This is true even when the person who suffered the injury appears to be physically okay.

Recall of toy deemed dangerous to children

When residents of Virginia purchase a product in a store, there is an assumption that the item will not inflict any harm while in use. Unfortunately this is not always the case. All too often individuals are injured as a result of defective products. While it is upsetting to hear about such things happening, this is particularly true when the injured individual is a child.

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