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May 2013 Archives

When a wedding is called off, who keeps the ring?

Virginia residents who have called off a wedding at some point may have dealt with the sticky issue of who keeps the engagement ring. Some people might think that even if a wedding is canceled, the ring-receiver should keep the ring because it was a gift. Others say the giver should get the ring back because he or she purchased it. Another argument might be that whoever pulled the plug should allow the other party to have the ring. And what about when a couple does go through with the wedding, but then files for divorce? Who gets to keep the wedding rings after divorce?

Confronting issues in divorce cases

Clients are always overwhelmed as they contemplate a divorce. After all, divorce affects the most important aspects of the person's life. Most importantly it affects their children, their homes, their money and all of the relationships they have established during the marriage. When a client seeks out a divorce attorney they need guidance and the assurance that the attorney will guide them through the quagmire. The attorney should try to demystify the process by explaining the issues which need to be decided before a final order of divorce can be entered by the court. What are the issues to be resolved? 

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