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April 2013 Archives

Man leaves $40 million estate behind, no will

Many Fairfax County residents are wise to ensure that they have a detailed and intentional estate plan in place. Whether a person is very wealthy or of more modest means, has a very large family or very few relatives, it is important to create a customized will and/or trust in order to express one's final wishes. When people pass away without wills, the future of their assets and personal belongings are subject to the one-size-fits-all process stipulated by state law.

Although underage drinking is common, penalties can be harsh

Here in Virginia, and throughout the U.S., binge drinking has come to be commonly associated with the college lifestyle. For many, it is a sort of rite of passage to drink alcohol before reaching the legal age of 21. Although Virginia uses a driver's license design that is meant to be nearly impossible to counterfeit, it is not rare for minors to find a way to drink alcohol in the state. Some minors drink at parties, where they do not need to show identification, and others purchase fraudulent IDs online or on campus.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Dissociation of a Member or Dissolving an LLC, What's the Difference?

Assume you and your business partner of 10 years have suddenly had a falling out and can no longer work together; what are your options?

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