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Ten Things to Consider as You Contemplate Separation and Divorce

There are many considerations if you are thinking about separating from and/or divorcing your spouse. The following list is not an exhaustive one, but is provided as guidance. Each couple's situation varies in its' individual facts and varies according to the priorities of the parties.

1.  Consult with an experienced family law attorney at the beginning of the process, and especially before signing any type of agreement with your spouse.

2.  Put your children first throughout the separation and divorce process - try to keep things as "normal" and routine as possible for them.

3.  Do not talk to your children about the intimate details of the separation and/or divorce and do not speak poorly about your spouse or their extended family in front of your children.

4.  If you are on social media - stop using it - especially, if you have a Facebook account. De-activate your account. If you continue to use social media, then minimize your use, and do not reference your personal situation or litigation.

5.  Make copies of all financial documents, including, but not limited to income tax returns, pay statements, bank account statements, investment account statements, retirement benefit statements, credit card statements, loan statements, and the like.

6.  Request a copy of your credit report.

7.  Establish credit in your own name if you have not done so.

8.  Inventory household furniture and possessions.

9.  Meet with a financial planner to begin thinking about what your financial future will look like post-divorce in order to start planning for it now.

10.  If you suspect your spouse has committed adultery or if you are committing adultery consult with an experienced family law lawyer in your jurisdiction before speaking to anyone else about the situation or taking any further action.

Separation and divorce are difficult life events to navigate. Contact one of the experienced family law attorneys at Surovell Isaacs Petersen and Levy PLC for a consultation and specific advice tailored to your situation.

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