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Prenuptial Agreements: Beneficial Even for Lovebirds

In the past, engaged couples were often concerned that signing a prenuptial agreement would brand them with an unfortunate stigma. After all, who would sign a prenuptial agreement if they were confident in the future of their union?

Nowadays, many legal professionals will tell you that the stigma is virtually non-existent. Because even the most confident of engaged partners can appreciate that in the event of death or separation, a prenuptial agreement is (very simply) a valuable legal tool.

At their most basic, prenuptial agreements are legal documents which detail what assets and debts are entering the marriage, so that they can be properly dealt with in the event of death or divorce. A prenuptial agreement effectively serves as a map for property belonging to spouses at the start of the union.

It is important that each future spouse be represented by an attorney during the drafting of a prenuptial agreement. Both parties should be confident that the contract being crafted fairly represents their interests. Each partner should also fully understand what terms and conditions they are agreeing to.

In addition, it is important to draft prenuptial agreements well before the wedding date. Rushed agreements, or agreements which are not informed by full disclosure of what assets and debts are being brought into the union, are less readily enforced in the event of a dispute.

A fairly executed prenuptial agreement is simply a roadmap for the future. Unfortunately, all marital unions dissolve legally upon death or divorce. Even partnerships which last "until death do us part" stand to benefit from such agreements.

Source: "Prenuptial Agreements: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" Huffington Post, 11/16/11

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