Verdicts and Settlements

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case and do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case undertaken by the lawyer.

AmountCase NameDescription
$12,000,000Sanford v. SCG International, LLCJudgment relating to fraudulent investment scheme.
$4,800,000Hollis v. Schaefer Pyrotechnics, Inc., et al.Fairfax County Jury verdict against fireworks company for negligent production of commercial fireworks display resulting in catastrophic injuries including compound fractures, severe burns and brain injuries.
$3,600,000Vasik v. Woodmarket, Ltd.Fairfax County jury verdict in favor of firefighter who suffered permanent disabling injuries.
$3,500,000Salinas v. RosenburgSettlement of head-on collision resulting in severe orthopedic injuries and brain injuries to Ph.D candidate.
$2,000,000Nahigian v. Juno-Loudoun, LLP, et al.Value of rescission awarded to purchaser due to luxury developer's violation of Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act.
$1,150,000Doss v. LaidlawSettlement of case involving brain injury to passenger riding in commuter van on I-395.
$1,100,000Wilkes v. First Class Settlement, et al.Judgment awarded against husband who obtained multiple mortgages on joint property without wife's consent.
$1,150,000Confidential SettlementSettlement of case involving amputation of arm following negligence.
$980,000Confidential SettlementSettlement of case involving brain injury to 13 year-old child.
$950,000Velasquez v. United States, et al.Settlement of case involving misdiagnosis of child abuse instead of osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease).
$834,000Ansary v. ShmucklerJury verdict against a notorious foreclosure rescue scammer for violations of Virginia Consumer Protection Act, Virginia Credit Counseling Act, and fraud.
$750,000Back injury from car accident.
$700,000Burgess v. AmendolaJury verdict for fraud arising from sale of securities in bogus Montana mining venture.
$650,000Confidential SettlementSettlement of medical malpractice matter.
$480,000Confidential SettlementSettlement of wrongful death case involving health care neglect in prison.
$450,000Confidential SettlementSettlement of death of child who drowned in pool.
$330,000Park v. Landmark PropertiesJudgment awarded to tenant for inventory damage from defects in shopping mall roof. Affirmed by Supreme Court of Virginia.
$300,000Courtyard MarriottJudgment awarded to hotel guest who slipped and fell at entrance to a Courtyard Marriott and sustained severe hip fracture.
$300,000Snider v. LudwigJudgment awarded to daughter whose mother was killed by step-father who attempted to seek his deceased wife's life insurance proceeds.
$300,000Dooley v. Federal Express Corp.Car accident involving collision with delivery truck and compound arm fracture.
$290,000King v. GSN Trucking Corp.Car accident involving injury to passenger's face.
$175,000Stephenson Printing, Inc. v. Commercial Moving & RiggingSettlement for property damage and business losses for damage to printing press during moving.
$175,000Townsend v. PfaffBack injuries to driver struck by drunk driver.
$135,000The Flooring Group, Inc. v. LewisSettlement for failure to supervise bookkeeper, negligent processing of checks by bank, and embezzlement.
$82,000TAAPS v. L&M MortgagesSIPL Defense verdict that ultimately led to award of $82,000 sanctions against Plaintiff.
Defense VerdictKelly v. ExxonSIPL Defense verdict in car-tanker truck collision seeking over $1,000,000