Same-Sex Premarital Agreements

As same-sex marriage is now legalized, many couples are seeking to formalize their unions through marriage. As a couple heads toward marriage, it is important that they take a realistic look at how best to protect themselves legally and financially through a premarital agreement.

Prenups are not an indicator that the marriage is doomed or fated for divorce. These agreements simply provide both spouses the opportunity to discuss crucial financial questions and establish a plan for the future and any contingencies that might arise. Many types of crisis other than divorce can arise during a marriage, such as medical emergency or legal liabilities. Premarital agreements clarify how assets, business investments and finances are to be handled in such cases.

Same-Sex Premarital Agreements — Attorneys With The Answers And Solutions You Need

At Surovell Isaacs & Levy PLC, we assist same-sex couples in crafting thoughtful and responsible premarital agreements that will protect both spouses. Our attorneys take the time to walk you through a broad range of considerations and the legal arrangements that can be made to address any contingency.

Should the couple eventually divorce, all assets held between the two will be divided equitably. This means that if one spouse has significant business interests, the other spouse could be granted up to half of those investments and assets during property division. This can cause significant disruption to the business or venture.

Our lawyers are experienced in creating premarital agreements to protect professional practices, businesses, shareholder interests, and substantial assets or collections.

We understand the sensitive nature of these conversations, and are experienced in facilitating discussions and negotiations that are aimed toward an outcome that both spouses buy into and are at peace with.

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