Fairfax Federal DWI Defense Lawyers

Any DWI arrest is a serious matter that can have a life-changing impact on any person who is convicted. What many people do not understand, however, is the different set of circumstances that come into play when the DWI offense takes place on federally owned land. In these cases, the offense can become a federal crime that must be resolved in federal court.

The processes used in federal court are completely different from those in the Virginia courts. The equipment that is used to measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the rules of court, the prosecutors, the ability to negotiate a plea and the approach to building a defense are all different. In addition, the penalties for a conviction on a federal DWI can be completely different.

It is critical that you have a tenured attorney who is not only admitted to handle cases in federal court, but also has the skill to help you reach a positive outcome. At the law firm of Surovell Isaacs & Levy PLC, our Fairfax federal DWI defense attorneys have successfully represented countless clients who were charged with drunk driving on federally operated land.

Northern VA Drunk Driving Charges Attorneys

Northern Virginia is covered with federal installations. Whether you consumed the alcohol on a federal installation or drove onto the installation after you had been drinking is irrelevant in the eyes of the court. If you are caught driving while intoxicated on federal land, you will be facing federal criminal charges. More than 100 people a year are charged with federal drunk driving offenses by Pentagon police alone because they took a wrong turn trying to get on I-395.

Our law firm is prepared to defend you against drunk driving charges that occur on any federal installation, including the following:

  • CIA Headquarters at Langley
  • Great Falls
  • Fort Belvoir
  • Marine Corps Base Quantico
  • The Pentagon
  • Fort Myer
  • The George Washington Memorial Parkway

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Many people are hesitant to fight federal drunk driving charges because they feel that there is no way to beat them. No charge is flawless and no case is iron-clad. The criminal defense lawyers at Surovell Isaacs & Levy PLC are committed to seeing that your rights are protected and work diligently to beat the charges against you. To schedule an initial consultation, call 703-648-8279 or simply contact us online.