Fairfax Wrongful Towing Lawyers

Virginia has some of the strongest laws in the country to prevent the unlawful towing of vehicles. Towing companies often take a borderline predatory approach to towing vehicles solely for the purpose of filling their impound lots and collecting exorbitant towing and storage fees.

Virginia law has put a number of specific requirements in place in an effort to slow the trend of wrongful towing, including putting caps on the amount that towing companies can charge. In addition, many Virginia communities have added more stringent regulations that go beyond those imposed by the state. Still, many companies continue to tow vehicles at will, all but ignoring the law.

If your car has been illegally towed, you have the right to take action against the towing company. Proving that the tow was unlawful can be very difficult, and the towing company's lawyers will present the strongest possible argument to defend the tow as legal. Hire a consumer rights attorney who will fight just as hard for you.

Northern VA Illegal Towing Attorneys

The Fairfax wrongful towing attorneys at the law firm of Surovell Isaacs & Levy PLC are committed to protecting the rights of victims whose vehicles have been towed when they were legally parked or when the company that towed the vehicle had no right to do so. The Virginia Consumer Protection Act, as well as numerous other state and local laws, is clear with regard to the rights of vehicle owners in these matters. Our firm works tirelessly to see that they are protected.

We fully investigate the details of your case to determine the best course of action. We look at where the vehicle was parked, when it was towed, which company towed it, the signage in the lot and any other pertinent details. We are familiar with the local ordinances that have been passed by each community and use that information to build the most compelling case on your behalf.

Seeking Justice for Wronged Vehicle Owners

In every case, we seek full compensation for any losses you have suffered, including towing and storage fees, vehicle damage, and any other damages available under the law. In addition to protecting our clients' rights, it is also our hope that we can help to create change in the way towing companies do business and to minimize the possibility of future victimization. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation. You can reach us by phone at 703-648-8279 or simply contact us online.